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Everything on the Tudors

History and biographies of the Tudors from the British Monarchy's official site.

Print and dress up Henry VIII's wives and read about their lives - an interesting snapshot of historical fashions and look into royal life.

Read about the food, punishment, music, and daily life of children during this time period from a year 4 class in England

Tons of biographies, facts, images, quizzes, and trivia about the Tudor period in England.

Discover what life was like in Tudor Times, check out Tudor Architecture, and find a who's who in Tudor History

Includes profiles of royalty as well as a timeline of important events in the Monarchy.


Check out this student report on the Tudors, important events of the time, and what daily life was like during their reign


Images of Henry VIII and his wives, Queen Elizabeth I, and Francis Drake. Study history through the works of Hans Holbein and Pieter Breugel


Find out why Henry VIII had so many wives, what the Mary Rose was, and much more with this interactive site about his life and the Tudor period in general.